Limb Lengthening Treatment

Duration of the Treatment

Postoperative rehabilitation and exercise are very important in the limb lengthening treatment. The exercise program is continued during the lengthening process and while the bone healing is expected. During this process, walking is allowed except for the motorized nail method. The ones who have a sedentary working life may continue their work, but the person who work physically has to leave the work for an average of six months. 

When the treatment is completed, the sports may be continued to be done, but it is appropriate to take a year off for the sports branches such as basketball, football, etc. The individual should only avoid sports that may cause falls or impacts, because they may not tolerate a fracture in the early period and are psychologically distressed.

Conditions requiring the termination of the treatment

The biggest problem that can lead to the termination of the treatment is infection. In particular if the combination method is performed, the treatment should be terminated immediately in case of any infection caused by the surgery or emerged after the surgery. Another cause is to see problems related to the circulation or nerve. (For example, if the patient says that he/she cannot feel his feet fully). In such cases, treatment is discontinued.

Besides this, there are situations related to the person. The patients should maintain joint movements by following the recommended exercise program. If there is a problem in joint movements, the rehabilitation program is intensified, but the treatment can be discontinued if no success is obtained.