Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical adaptation service within the Ortopediatri Pediatric Orthopedic Academy prepares the rehabilitation protocols for the families and physiotherapists of our children in the early postoperative period. The aim of this service is to prevent long-term immobilization after the surgery and to ensure that the child continues the general rehabilitation program as soon as possible. This process is especially important in children with cerebral palsy.

It is not possible to prescribe a standard rehabilitation program as the children have neurological, developmental, physical, social and psychological differences. Considering this situation, a protocol is prepared for each child after the operations.


The early post-operative rehabilitation protocol is a program implemented within the first 6 or 8 weeks.

  • Family education
  • Maintaining and increasing muscle strength
  • Maintaining functional movement ability and improving its quality
  • Regulating the muscle tone of the torso and extremities
  • Providing the lower extremities with an ability to transfer weight
  • Preventing secondary musculoskeletal disorders such as joint limitations, contractures, deformities and scoliosis
  • Supporting a normal motor development
  • Facilitating the balance, correction and preventive reactions by improving the postural control
  • Determining the needs for auxiliary equipment and devices
  • Supporting other medical, medical and surgical applications
  • Ensuring independence in daily life activities

The foregoing is the goal of the program prepared for this period.