Orthopedics is a Latin word and means treatment of children's skeletal system problems. Bone and joint problems of people of all ages have been within the orthopedics field of      interest over the years, and children and adults have been treated in the same clinics.

The specialization of pediatric orthopedics as a separate area of specialization and the fact that a group of physicians focus only on childhood diseases are quite new developments for the whole world. Parallel to the developments in Europe and the United States, the pediatric orthopedics in our country began to separate as an independent specialty since the first half of the 1990s, specialized associations have been established in this field, special congresses have begun to be hold and the number of physicians dealing with orthopedic problems of the children has increased rapidly. It is pleasing that all the methods applied in any developed country of the world are being implemented in our country with the same competence and success, and our country is among the top contributors to the scientific developments in this field.

Time is the time to combine our forces and energies, to contribute to the science and          therefore to the health of our children through the scientific researches, and to create more organized programs to raise new manpower in this field.

We, as pediatric orthopedists, who have worked for the best possible way to treat our       children's mobility problems for many years, have decided to work together and to collaborate for the above-mentioned goals.



Our Founding Purpose and Future Goals 


1. Contributing to the recognition and development of pediatric orthopedics as an independent area of specialization under the main body of orthopedics and traumatology.

2. Supporting the studies for the follow-up and treatment of orthopedic problems of children by physicians who are experts in their fields.

3. Establishing and implementing a one-year higher specialty education program for young colleagues who have completed the orthopedics and traumatology education and desire to specialize in the field of pediatric orthopedics. 

4. Developing and supporting scientific collaboration projects with organizations such as   domestic and international associations, working groups and foundations working in the field of pediatric orthopedics.

5. Organizing more comprehensive scientific studies together by collecting our clinical      practices in the same pool and sharing our results with the academic world.

6. Leading the organization of national and international scientific meetings (regular courses, congresses, etc.) and assisting the efforts in this field.

7. Preparing written and visual documents that will answer the questions of our patients and their parents about pediatric orthopedics, and presenting these resources to them as the printed material and web documents.

8. Organizing meetings to raise awareness of the patients’ families.


Prof. Dr. Muharrem İnan
Prof. Dr. Muharrem İnan

Op. Dr. İlker Sarıkaya
Doc. Dr. İlker Sarıkaya
Op. Dr. Ozan Ali Erdal
Op. Dr. Ozan Ali Erdal
Dr. Barış Görgün
Dr. Barış Görgün

Fzt. Zafer Pınarer
Fzt. M. Zafer Pınarer